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Sky Goose House

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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just sing a song dan enjoy it, one of goose house song that i like the title is sky. like so much with the music. just listen :) Last one before I go away on holiday~ (:
Such a beautiful song, check out Goose House if you haven't!
Ps: I think they sound better with headphones haha
Instrumental Credits: Goose House I fell in love with this anime, and today I finally managed to record the first opening! I have written a translation for this as well, but I'm saving that for two very talented
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(1)# Sky - Goose House mp3 Updated 34 hours ago
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(3)# Sky - Goose House - mp3 Updated 62 hours ago
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(4)# Sky - Goose House mp3 Updated 41 hours ago
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(5)# Sky / Goose House (Short Cover) mp3 Updated 63 hours ago
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(6)# Goose House - Sky mp3 Updated 63 hours ago
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